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Welcome to my site, my name is Douglas Munro I am a freelance php web developer based in Kilcullen Co. Kildare. I am passionate about technology and all things web.

I have many years’ experience as a web developer; over the years I have worked as freelancer and spent a number years working for large web agencies. I have a wide skill set in both front end and back end development in PHP, HTML, CSS and JS.

I work with the most popular e-commerce and CMS (content management systems) platforms, these include Magento, Virtuemart, Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla. My other area of expertise is photography, where I also specialise in product photography for e-commerce and location shooting for web sites.

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Why Hire Me A question most will ask.

The question most would ask is why would you hire me to build your site? These are some of the reasons..

  • Your project is important.

    I take personal pride in all the work I do

  • Quality

    I always strive to produce top quality work, as a freelance developer it's important that all projects are finished with the highest quality

  • Dedicated to your project

    Unlike large web agencies that multi task large numbers of projects at once, I work project to project, so when I am working on your project I won’t be distracted by other projects

  • Cost

    I cost all projects at a reasonable rate, my hourly rate is lower than larger web agencies

  • Straight forward help

    I do my utmost to demystify technology for clients; I like my clients to understand the technology they are getting. There is so much technology around these days that a lot of people don’t have the time to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change.

  • Availability

    I am available at times that suit you, being a freelancer means I work all sorts of hours, so I can be available when it best suits you.

  • Personalised training

    I offer personalised training for your skill level. I won’t just give you an off the shelf training; I will adjust my training approach to suit you skill level

  • Contacting me is easy

    you can get me on the phone, email, skype or twitter whenever you need to contact me.

  • Direct communication

    You speak to the organ grinder, yes that’s me, and therefore you get a direct line of communication.

  • Speed

    As I don’t multi task many projects at once; the dedicated time on a project means the project get completed quicker.

kung fu What I Do. My List Of Services.
I have a wide skill set and can provide a wide range of services to get your site up and running

When it comes to building a site there are many options available, contact me about my services and I will help you choose the option best for your business.

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    I offer a bespoke design service, have your website branded to your business.


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    I work will the leading e-commerce platforms. Magento is a powerful platform that offers everytihng to get your shop up and running. For smaller shops, Virtuemart is an ideal soloution as it can be added to a CMS such as Joomla.

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    Content management systems

    Content management systems allow you the ability to update your own website. I work with the leading systems such as: Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla

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    Web applications

    Web application development in PHP. Applications are moving from the traditional desktop to the web, this allow for applications to utilised over the web, increasing its usability.

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    Photography plays a huge part in the visual effect of a site. I offer a photographic service during a website build and product phography during an e-commerce project.

showcase Check Out My Portfolio.
Here is a selection of work, its a mixture of different applications.

Some of the sites below were built using HTML with a custom design. There are some web applications, these sites required specialised functionality that needed to be developed in PHP for the intended purpose.

ADL Graphics

HTML site with custom blog


E-Commerce Magento

Print Quip

PHP web application

Carroll Screens

Bespoke design/photography

Irish Connexxion

HTML with bespoke design


HTML with bespoke design


HTML with bespoke design


PHP web application

Glan Energy

Joomla CMS

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